Fairs List

Licensing Fair

Content: The activity, one of the core segments of iABC, is the most innovative, authoritative industrial docking event in the animation game authorization industry. It is a specialized service platform built for authorization of animation games under China International Cartoon & Animation Festival. It comprises four segments for the sharing of famous companies in authorization industry, small session docking salon, business negotiation pairing, and IP supermarket.

Animation & Game Outsourcing Conference

Content: The project presentation is held for the vast animation companies, adopting the form that the demand sides award contracts, and the producers accept the projects. It will help promote business cooperation among animation companies, traditional companies, game companies and third-party service providers.

Canadian Animation Industry Special Session

Content: The session will adopt the advance reservation mechanism. The Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai will take the lead to organize Canadian businesses to promote their animation works and share relevant techniques on the stage. One-to-one talks will be arranged after the event. DHX Media Ltd, a home entertainment company that produced the widely known Teletubbies will appear on the site, in the hope of seeking cooperation for derivatives, game and reality show IPs. Echo Media, a film and television studio which runs the Youtube channel to make it one of the top 10 channels in Canada, hopes to find out partners in China for cooperative operation and co-production. Groupe Média TFO, a producer and distributor of digital contents for teaching in French language, expects to seek partners for the production and distribution of French education contents......

Rainbow Special Session

Content: The largest TV program, drama and animation game studio in Europe, RAINBOW keeps as subordinates theme parks and classic IP“WINX Club”. It will seek cooperation for animation IP operation and authorization with Chinese companies on the spot.

“Beijing opera cats”&“Emmy&GooRoo” Special Session

Second season of "Peking Opera Cat" series of cartoons is jointly produced by Beijing Bright Star Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Ali Dawenyu Youku Net. The film is an original hot animation with "Peking opera" as element and "cat" as hero. Related information of second season of Peking Opera Cat and big movie will be released on April 26 at China International Animation Festival.

International Cooperation Session

Content:In order to promote deep cooperation among domestic and foreign animation enterprises, and explore the development trends in international cooperation, we have invited executives of well-known animation companies home and abroad to attend the event and give lectures, and discuss such issues as how to operate animation IPs and break barriers for international cooperation. On the site of the international exchange conference, you will see BBC Children's Channel director Alice Webb, eOne Family & Authorization general manager Olivier Dumont, Hoho Entertainment co-executive director Helen Howells and other well-known executives from British animation companies, who are to share their experiences in running animation IPs. In the international seminar, famous Chinese and foreign animation companies, including Rainbow from Italy, Hoho Entertainment, Perfect ROC, Fixed Culture, will discuss how to develop the whole industrial chain, operate animation IP, establish mature business model, and meet the opportunities and challenges for animation companies in globalization trend.