Fairs List

Meisheng Special Session

Content: iABC will furnish a special session to help excellent animation companies to enhance cooperation and exchanges with other businesses, and provide them a platform for exhibition and publicity. Rising Anime will show up with three latest animation IPs, anticipating cooperation with companies home and abroad.

TMP UK-China 1-to-1 business meeting

Content: Children’s Media Conference (CMC) will organize British animation enterprises to participate in the event, during which executives of leading businesses including BBC KIDS, Entertainment One and Hoho will be present to have face-to-face communication and talks with participating companies on the spot. Participants may take part in the event with advance reservation.

Cartoon, Animation & Game Crossover Forum

Content: The animation industry will launch a cross-border exchange meeting of big shots to cater to the most popular “trans-boundary” trend. Big shots of outstanding achievements in the animation, cartoon, game, film and television sectors will be invited to voice their opinions on the situation of cross-border cooperation and future cooperation trend in the animation industry.

Tencent Special Session

Content: Tencent Animation, a leading creative network animation platform in the country, will share with participants its latest animation works and most popular animation IP on the spot. It will bring about the most valuable cooperation model in the fields of game authorization, film and television authorization, periphery product authorization, cross-border cooperation for ads, joint investment and animation release. It will thus build a marvelous prospect for commercialization with new and old partners. More heavy weighted programs will be unveiled on the site of activity.

Badanamu Special Session

Content: Calm Island is the company developing the Badanamu brand and producing Badanamu products. To date, it has sold its education products to over 30 countries, targeting 1-5 year-old preschool kids. The company was founded by British David Roberts in 2009. This time, Bata and his little friends will lead us to get to know the British education system, and experience the Badanamu animations that are familiar to children worldwide, as well as fanciful ideas of educators from Britain, the United States and Sweden. They will tell you how to walk into the world in the hearts of children from an inverted tree. Armed both online and offline, the children will no longer feel dull in the process of growth, and not troubled by English.

Turner Animation content promotion conference

Content: The activity will bring out its famous animation contents on the Cartoon Network to Chinese partners and audiences, including recently produced We Bare Bears, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Adventure Time and Amazing World of Gumball that are name brands most favored by children across the world. Meanwhile, Turner China, in full possession of the Tuzki IP, will give priority to developing Tuzki related contents in the Chinese market in the future.