China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival

Buyers Club & New Animation Promotion Meeting

25 Apr 13:30 - 17:30

Venue:Creative City Hall

25 Apr 13:30 - 17:30

Content: The activity is held to enhance exchanges between the buyers. It will also warm up the animation trade fair on April 26 and 27. The buyer club is set up in this commerce conference. Four to five elaborately chosen animation projects will be released on the spot, to unveil animation purchase for 2017.


Projects introduction

1. “Battle Through the Heavens”  Season Two

Xiao Yan set foot on a brand-new journey of cultivation to honor a three-year agreement.

To save his good friend Little Fairy Doctor, Xiao Yan successively defeated dozens of bullies from the Wolf Head Regiment, kept away from pursuing mercenaries, attacked Wanyao Drugstore at night, battled against Mu Snake, and, at one fling, destroyed the base camp of Wolf Head Regiment. Then, he went to the Heavenward Valley to gather herbs and cultivate vital energy. However, Little Fairy Doctor suffered from poisoning attack. He left by himself, so as not to get Xiao Yan into trouble. Xiao Yan felt lost.

Xiao Yan braced up, and passed an exam at Black Rock Town to become a grade-two pharmacist. He had a big battle with Ice Emperor who lived in seclusion, and won a fragmentary map on unusual fire. In the Desert Town, Xiao Yan met with his elder brother. The ties of brotherhood consolidated his determination to cultivate vital energy. To fetch the green lotus earth core fire, Xiao Yan went to the underground of rock magma under the help of Green Scale and others. However, they did not expect a mysterious monster was waiting for them over there....


  1. “Peking Opera Cat” Season Two and Animation Film

The Peking Opera Cat animation series are the first homemade original animation IP produced in the Chinese capital city, which integrates the Peking Opera element of the traditional culture with animation. The animation series are jointly produced by Beijing Dazzling Star Culture Development Co. Ltd. and Integration Information Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.. They adhere to the tenet of carrying forward traditional Chinese culture, and combine traditional culture with modern IP, for the inheritance and promotion of culture. They take the mode of teaching through lively activities to help audiences to understand the essence of traditional Chinese culture, and build up correct values. To date, the animation series have been aired in China, and distributed in overseas areas. They are well received by audiences, hailed as “animation of the nation”.


3. “Night Lolita”Season Five

There existed in this world an unrecognized magic world, the Lolita Fairyland. Extremely beautiful exotic flowers, rare herbs, rare birds and beasts were growing in this fairyland. In this beautiful world, there lived some fairies capable of using magic. There was no pollution, nor war in this land. The fairies protected the land with magic from invasion. In this way, the fairies lived merrily in the wonderland for tens of thousands years. It changed one day when Mandora, in possession of mighty magic of darkness, killed the king and ruled the fairyland. She built an army of evil hearts with the dark magic, and enslaved all the fairies with tyranny.

4. Battle of Armageddon

Oriented towards adult viewers aged between 18 and 25, it takes war as the theme, science fiction and wasteland element as characteristics in pursuit of top-level quality in Chinese original animation creation. This animation, an original work of film and game coordination, is polished with the game production team in the early stage of planning, to ensure future earnings. It meets game requirements in the world outlook structure and upgrading system of the film. It will turn more smoothly in coordination of film and game in the future.


5. Hip-Hop

One who is not frivolous is no youth. This is a story about growing up. Wu Zixi, a founding member, was hurt by love. She ran a hip-hop store till one day, Xia Yichuan accidentally entered into her world. Xia influenced everybody in the team with his optimistic, wild personality. Having gone through tribulations and challenges, conspiracy and betrayal, she at last stood at the stage of national contest. However, failure came unexpectedly.... The hip-hop field never tapped into, difficult movements, flexible use of various props, dual player control, “mental telepathy”, and superb dance types -- they would bring about unprecedented visual spectacle....


6."Fox Fairy Matchmaker" Season Two

"Fox Fairy Matchmaker" is originally written by Xiao Xin, and animated version is produced by Shanghai Huimeng. The story takes experience of two people of "Gourmet and Miser" Bai Yuechu and "Confused and Cute" as the main line, through their "Red line fairy" practice road, with major branch lines closely linked together, which leads to the two’s moving love in coming generation.


"Xiasha", though Fan Yunfei after thousands of years of infatuation and domineering Li Xueyang, lets us understand that love must be expressed in a simple and straightforward way, so as to cross space and time constraints; "Wang Quan", through gentle and Wangquan Fugui and Qingtong who dares to love and hate, lets us know what is living together with patience and love, what is loving until death; "Red Moon", though Dongfang Yuechu, with deep love and emotion and steady and graceful Tushan Honghong, lets us know that "reasonable people" all choose the line of "not helping to be impatient" when falling in love, and we have to silently watch them miss, and expect them to meet again; and "Beishan", through simple and honest A Kuan and pure hearted princess, lets us feel with shock how moving is the kind of romantic words "I will always be in your side to protect you".